Thank you for considering Eponymous Press as your publisher.  We understand how important your work is to you and we will do our best to respect the time and effort that went into it.  To begin, please read our guidance to decide whether Eponymous Press is right for you.

Our focus is on the novel and the novella, from American and international authors both.  We’re looking to find the literary classics of tomorrow; following that principle, we don’t place any prior limitations on the types of novel we will accept.  Since we are a small publisher, we think our best fit is with authors who value bringing their creation into the world rather than large profits. *

We apologize in advance that we will not be able to provide constructive feedback about your submission.  We wish were able to do this, but our resources are too limited right now.  We will provide an acknowledgement of receipt, but we will only contact authors whose work we are interested in publishing.


Submissions policy

Please use our website portal below for submissions. 

We will not guarantee a response from work submitted by other means. 

When you are ready to submit, please attach:

Your complete work
Work that is ready to be published (without need for substantial revision)
Only one (1) work per year

Most importantly, please send us your best work.

Please note that, as a small press, our general policy is to offer authors remuneration through royalties rather than advances.